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Our Goal is Simple

Fuelling the future of coatings and polymers – igniting growth and innovation.

In the genesis of Total Coating Solutions (TCS) lies a simple question – "Can you help me?" This question, posed by a friend in the manufacturing sector, sparked the birth of TCS. Witnessing the struggles of businesses in the industry to find dedicated expertise and facing the opportunity to make a difference, TCS emerged in 2023.

The pivotal moment occurred when a former colleague sought assistance in locating skilled professionals for product development in cement mortar and coating systems. Recognizing the industry's need for specialized support, I, having a background in product development with major corporations, saw a chance to bridge the gap for growing businesses with limited resources.

TCS's foundation was laid on the principles of passion for the industry, a love for teaching, and a vast network of experienced professionals. The realization dawned that we could offer bespoke technical support, tailored to the specific needs of businesses within their budget constraints. Our inaugural retainer client not only benefited from our technical expertise but also experienced the commitment that sets TCS apart.

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✓ BSc Chemistry & Biochemistry

✓ Post Graduate Hons Business Management Practice

✓ Certified AMPP Basic Coatings Inspector

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Shaun Birss - Founder, Lead Consultant​

With eight years in the coatings industry, starting as a quality control chemist and evolving into a role at IMCD, I've developed deep expertise in paint and coating technology, from lab research to manufacturing. Founding Total Coating Solutions, I've blended technical knowledge with business acumen, providing training and support to enhance industry standards. My journey, marked by roles from R&D Chemist to Business Development Manager, showcases a blend of technical skills, strategic insight, and innovative problem-solving, committed to driving change in the coatings industry through collaboration.

Danny Grady - CoFounder, Lead Consultant

Born in Birmingham, UK, I began my career in analytical chemistry, working in cast metal analysis and electroplating. I pursued part-time Chemistry studies, earning Licentiate membership to the Royal Society of Chemistry. In South Africa, I worked on ion chromatography and explosives production at AECI before transitioning to Shell Chemicals as a Technical Sales Representative. I completed the SAPMA Paint Technology Course and gained professional membership with OCCA. My career expanded across Thor Chemicals/Actichem and trading companies like Carst and Walker and Chemimpo/IMCD, focusing on coatings and chemical applications.

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✓ BSc Chemistry

✓ Level 5 Surface Coatings Chemist

✓ BBA Degree in  Marketing

✓ Diploma in Business Management

✓ Certified First Aid & Safety Specialist


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