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Paint System Design & Inspection Services

Expert review and design of coating systems for precise project requirements.
Assurance of asset protection aligned with industry standards.
On-site, impartial quality control, inspection, and supervision support.
Ensuring products, materials, and applications meet system specifications.
Adherence to the highest standards of quality.

In-House Research & Product Development

24/7 Technical support from experts in coatings, composites, and cement mortar technologies.
Formulatory support in creating innovative solutions for coatings and construction needs.
Expertise in turning concepts into tangible, market-leading products.
Winning methodology for developing new products, from specification design to marketing support.

Technical & Quality Department Development & Comissioning

Expert guidance in developing and commissioning technical and quality departments.
Full laboratory design and business plan for ROI.
Expertise in outsourcing new laboratory construction and developing operating procedures.
Ideal solution for small to medium paint and cement material manufacturers.

Recruitment & Training

Tailored training programs for enhancing the team’s technical skills and product knowledge.
Recruitment assistance to find the right talent for your organization’s technical divisions.
Certified coatings training & tutoring.

ISO 17025 Accreditation

Guidance and support for achieving ISO 17025 accreditation.
Assistance in demonstrating laboratory competence and generating valid results.
Boosting client confidence in capabilities and products.
Utilization of world-recognized standards and certifications in testing and development.

Subcontract Wet Paint spraying & Powder Coating

Subcontracting services for wet paint spraying and powder coating.
Trusted partner helping during peak demands.
Streamlined process, from addressing technical inquiries to timely shipping and painting of components.

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