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Tailored service, Affordable Rates

Total Coating Solutions redefines industry standards, offering expert consultancy and specialized services to enhance our clients' products and technical capabilities in the coatings sector. Our strategic approach levels the playing field for innovation, benefiting growing businesses in the coatings, composites, and construction materials sectors. Leveraging our extensive experience in product formulation, technical department development, coatings application inspection & testing, we provide a unique service granting access to corporate-style research & development and technical services, customized to fit the size & budget of your company.

What we offer

Develop Coating Systems

Whether you're an asset owner seeking top-notch systems or a manufacturer aiming for innovative products, we provide expert guidance - from comprehensive system design to full product life-cycle management.

Construct Teams & Processes

Have a Technical Division you aim to grow? We offer support at every stage, from developing and commissioning labs to fit industry standards, plus recruiting and training new staff for your department.

Inspection & Contracting

We offer certified on-site third-party quality control, inspection, and impartial Paint Failure Analysis. Additionally, we can outsource any paint or powder coating you need via our approved service provider network.

Why Choose Us

Six Reasons For People Choosing Us

Commitment to Education

Certified training with affiliated partners, including free in-house practical training.

Tailored service, Affordable Rates

Tailored solutions designed to meet your exact requirements & Budget.

Month-to-Month Flexibility

Our services speak for themselves, fostering long-term collaboration without the need for extended contracts.

Broad Spectrum of Services

Comprehensive technical support, an agile extension of your team, exceeding job descriptions for your unique needs

Demonstrated Results

Our industry passion fuels our commitment to drive project success for our clients.

Access to Industry leading Methodologies

We offer leading industry-approved methods for R&D departments

Let Us Handle The Technical...

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