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Depending on the complexity of the inquiry we absolutely offer free initial advice! Whether you want advice on how to improve a certain minor property of a formulation, or guidance on VOC & iso-cyanate regulations, we can assist with anything technical in the coatings, cement & polymers sectors.

We work with trusted partners in the industry to have your products approved in the most cost efficient manor possible. We make sure your coating system is fully ready to pass all testing criteria, before you waste money testing your products that would otherwise fail certification requirements, saving you plenty of money wasted on very expensive product testing & certification.

At TCS, we prioritize the protection of our clients’ proprietary information through a multi-faceted approach. Firstly, we develop formulations, products, and systems that are specifically tailored to the unique specifications of each client, ensuring that no generic templates are used. This not only optimizes physical performance but also streamlines the supply chain for each product, generating truly unique solutions. For instance, even if two clients require similar applications, such as a low-cost automotive refinish top-coat, our customized approach ensures that no two formulations are alike. Additionally, we sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) with all our clients, further safeguarding their important information. This comprehensive strategy ensures that your proprietary information remains confidential and protected throughout our collaboration.

At TCS, we are all chemists & scientists at heart! If your inquiry is anything related to polymers and chemistry, we endeavor to provide solutions to any and all applications related. That being said, our expertise & specialty lies with coatings both solvent & water based, as well as in polymer composites like those used in 3D printing filaments, and composite body panels for automotive and consumer applications as well. We also have plenty experience developing, formulating & testing polymer modified cement mortars such as cement plasters, screeds & tile adhesives & grouts. 

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