Innovation Unveiled

What can we bring to the table?

At TCS, we're dedicated to advancing the coatings, polymers, and cement industry through continuous learning and the development of cutting-edge products, solutions, and formulations.

As you explore our recent projects, you'll delve into a world of possibilities. Each project represents not just our expertise, but also the potential for collaboration and mutual benefit. By sharing our innovative endeavors, we invite you to envision how your own projects could benefit from our expertise and solutions.

What have we worked on?

Client Laboratory Construction & Comissioning

TCS undertook the development of a full-fledged technical department for a client seeking to expand their product development & in house R&D capabilities. This involved refurbishing and equipping an existing lab space to meet ISO & ASTM standards for Coatings & Cement Mortar Applications testing.

Development of Bio-Based Composites

TCS is at the forefront of green innovation, currently in the beginning stages of developing bio-based alternatives for composites. We're crafting innovative formulations for manufacturers and consumers keen on sustainable solutions in the realm of high performing, low cost bio-based products.

More Projects Coming Soon!